Adulting is so Hard:

Adulting is so hard ….

I can hear my mother’s voice telling me to enjoy being a child, because being an adult is trash and extremely stressful … yet I didn’t believe her…….

Years later, I’m sitting here in a laundromat listening to this long ass Drake album trying to piece my life together. Have you ever been so overwhelmed with tedious tasks and deadlines that your only response is to do nothing? Like imagine having a term paper, test , presentation, and party all on Friday …. and your only response to all those tasks is to nap the pain away… (that’s where I’m at)

Or receiving an email or txt , and not having the strength or ability to reply back at the moment… so you set reminders to respond… and then end up ignoring the reminders … ( me )

If I would have known being an adult was so hard, I would have tried to enjoy my childhood even more instead of rushing to be grown. As a child I would sneak and watch Bet Uncut, Sex and the City, and Girlfriends … which put me in the notion that being a kid sucked … 

I dreamed of being grown and going to a bar and getting drunk. I dreamed of being rich and having a faithful, attractive husband. I dreamed of going on vacations with my friends once a month. I didn’t even know bills were a thing. I dreamed of having a perfect body like the girls in the Bet videos. I dreamed of being this glamorous creature who could have anything I wanted in the world…..

Yet here I am. 

When I think about all my dreams and goals, it makes me wanna cry. How am I supposed to go to bed early, drink a gallon of water a day, keep up with the Kardashians, get my weekly fix on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, workout, talk to my family, work a full time job that requires talking to people, have a functional relationship with God, hangout with friends, attempt to find a Bae, drink brown liquor, maintain my membership in the Beyhive, be a “role model” to my sister, travel, and so much more…..?

How Sway…. How?

I look at it like this, if Beyoncé can do everything she does, then I can do it…. but the problem is just finding the strength deep within to carry on with this task of being grown….

So to all my grown ass cousins …. I salute you all for making it look easy… even when being an adult is tough as hell. 

Being an adult is so hard y’all, but we can do it …. our ancestors had far less resources than we do… so we have no excuse … 

23 Ways to Make Your Life More Lit:


Happy Saturday Everyone!

I’m not sure how I should organize my thoughts on this subject, so I’m just going to lay it out. Hopefully ya’ll are understanding of my dilemma and don’t side eye me too hard. If you know me on a personal level, then you’ve probably received a call or text full of doubt, insecurities, and fear about this move. This move has been super exciting, but scary as hell! And on top of this move being scary, I’m in a foreign city without a lot of contacts, so yes I’m in my feelings.

I made the conscience decision that if I was going to have the guts to move from South Carolina, then I’m going to have to also have the guts to rid myself of the toxic pieces of my life. I had gotten so comfortable with being unhappy and complacent; and letting go of the stress filled shit kind of scared me.

So in order for me to combat this unfamiliar feeling of being free and liberated, I’m going to just put out a list of some of my personal life goals. I hope that if you are going through what I am going through, this list is able to put some fire in you; so that you can live up to your potential.

  1. Not letting others’ opinions control my life.
  2. Stop allowing your past and past failures determine your present and future.
  3. Self Accountability
  4. Be confident in your decision making
  5. Face the problems in your life, instead of running from them
  6. No more making excuses
  7. Celebrate your accomplishments.
  8. Appreciate the present for what it is.
  9. Stop obsessing over the future.
  10. Money is the motive, but don’t let it ruin you
  11. Enjoy “me” time
  12. Meditate
  13. Budget your money.
  14. Drink Water ( alot it )
  15. Be active. (Whether you are running, lifting weights, or twerking; get out and move)
  16. Find some motivation
  17. Wake up earlier than usual and take a moment to thank God or whomever you look to as a higher power.
  18. Find a hobby.
  19. Forgive those who have hurt you.
  20. Seek forgiveness from those you have hurt.
  21. Travel and Explore.
  22. Mind your business.
  23. Don’t take life too seriously.


One thing I am big on is self growth, so because I am stepping outside of my comfort zone… ya’ll should too! Life is way too short to be holding onto insecure feelings, so live a little. Take a leap of faith and watch how it will work in your favor.


Sunset ❤



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Sunset Takes On New Orleans 1:

Hey Hey.
Firstly, I want to thank everybody for their birthday wishes. Turning 23 has been an unique experience & that’s that.

So yeah , I moved to New Orleans. Random right ??? 

Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to leave South Carolina, but I could never a find a city that felt like “home”.

I knew that wherever I decided to go was going to be my chance to get my Nicodemus on and be born again. I wanted to find a city of rebirth, and what better place … New Orleans. 

After the tragic natural disaster New Orleans went through, this city has worked immensely to rebuild the city and maintain the culture. Granted it’s not where it needs to be, but the progress is definitely noticeable.

I’ll be starting a new blog series, ” Sunset Takes on New Orleans”, where I hope to document my experiences and observations in the Big Easy. This series is strictly my dumb ass opinions, and I hope to draw more visitors to the city. If you’re a New Orleans native and somehow find this ridiculous blog, feel free to show love & buy me a hand grenade. ( we will get to that in a second )

So the drive from South Carolina to New Orleans was trash, and I hope to never do it again. I rode through Georgia , Alabama , Mississippi, and then I finally got to New Orleans . I am impatient as fuck and barely have a license so let me put it like this, next time I’ll fly home.

My wonderful host Keshia has made me feel welcome, and also has this vv classy and comfortable bed. So shout out to her!

So let’s get to the nitty gritty… the roads are a fool. Like I had to double check with Sams to make sure I had warranty on my tires . There are pot holes everywhere , and uneven roads .. this is not the city to speed because your tires will neglect the hell out of you. 

Also New Orleans has hella ramps and bridges and all that & a girl from South Carolina ain’t used to that. There is this bridge I have to ride everyday, and it’s not too bad … but there’s another bridge that’s like 25 miles long & 2 lanes only …i don’t plan on using that bridge.

Also there are no left turns in this city. If you want to turn left, you have to do a u turn . That’s lowkey annoying as hell, and most of the roads have water dividing the directions of traffic… so you have to go through hell just to make a turn.

Other than the roads…. I’ve been on a search to find my long lost sister Solange. Y’all know how I feel about that those Knowles girls. Then I’ve been looking for Freedia and Juvie … but I haven’t been successful. 

Let’s bring up the liquor topic … liquor is everywhere. Walmart , Walgreens , Gas stations, EVERYWHERE. Liquor is cheap and the drinks are stronger .. so this is a perfect city to have a good time on a budget. This weekend I tried a Hand Grenade & it changed my life . It’s only $10 and will have you leaning. 

That’s all I have for today 💕. I’ll do a better job with taking pictures of the city. 
Sunset ❤️
So as I’m writing this, I’ve been hearing a train noise and was ignorant to what the hell it was….. there’s a tornado outside … so please pray for the city.. a lot of people lost their homes today! I’ll figure out what charities are going to be helping these families & I’ll fill y’all in.

I Will Not be Silenced These Next 4 Years:


The inauguration was trashy and tacky and tired…let’s move on. Oh and Chrisette Michelle and her Basquiat skirt is canceled.

I want to address why it is imperative that people who are working for equality and the betterment of this country should not allow others to silence them. This is a rant and will consist of my current thoughts. Sorry in advance J.

I use social media as my platform to bring awareness to the good, the bad, and the ugliness of our world today. My social media posts range from Beyonce’s diet plan to the Migos releasing an album, to Trump’s executive decisions. I don’t allow my platform to revolve around just one topic. However, lately my Facebook has been used as a way to discuss different issues going on with our federal government. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everybody knows Facebook is the website that allows you to keep up with your aunts and uncles, and to judge the hell out of your high school and college classmates. I know I’m not the only person, who adds old classmates, solely to be nosey.

Adding old classmates and coworkers to my Facebook has been one of the stupidest decisions I’ve ever made, due to the fact it has illustrated how ridiculous a lot of my old friends’ views are. I’ve had Facebook friends to call Obama a monkey. I’ve had friends that have sympathized with Dylan Roof. I’ve had friends that have attempted to slander Beyonce. I’ve had friends that have justified the killings of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and many more Blacks who have lost their lives simply because of the color of their skin. I’ve had White friends who have openly said the “n” word and the “f” word on their profiles. I’ve even had conspiracy theorist friends who have posted about how the Holocaust and slavery was not as bad as the world makes it.

I can go on all day about the crazy shit I see on different social media sites; but I want even waste your time. One thing I love about social media today is the fact that it is highlighting the things our country has spent decades hiding from the public. Granted I’ve known about how racial police forces have been, yet until the social media age… I had never seen somebody getting beat or killed for “making an armed office feel threatened”. I’ve heard about people calling somebody the “n” word in public, but until I was able to get on Twitter and see different videos, it was not something that I dealt with often.

And now that I see a police shooting, racial profiling, or murder of a minority so often; I’ve become used to it. Why is it a normal thing in America for a minority to get shitted on? Why? Why is it every time I see something gory that involves a Black person getting beat or murdered on Twitter that its become a second nature?

I shared a link on Facebook a few days ago about Trump charging the taxpayers to build the wall, and my old coworker commented telling me I talk about racial tension too much. She felt that by me speaking on it, I was igniting problems into the world. Granted this is the same girl who felt it was rude to not agree with a neo-nazi ; so I mean what can I expect? Then in the comments I have another friend who tells me, if I’m so upset with Trump, I should just go “back” to another country. (Back to another country? What’s that supposed to insinuate?)

Then I saw another post of a Trump supporter saying “We [democrats or Black people] got our turn to have Obama, so now it’s their [republicans] turn to have Trump”… whatever that’s supposed to mean. Then the same girl went on to say that Obama is the reason racial tensions in the country have started, and because of Obama she no longer has Black friends because we are too angry for her to deal with… (Mind you this lady is an elementary teacher).

People are so uncomfortable with minorities speaking their minds, being educated and successful; so now they are doing everything they can do to silence us. Racists are so uncomfortable with the fact that their hidden characteristic has come to light, and now they are having to face the consequences of wanting a divide in the country.

People are upset about women and men marching in the Women’s Marches throughout the country. People are upset with women wanting rights to birth control and abortions. People are upset that the LGBT community is not allowing society to silence them. People are upset that HBCUS exist. People are upset that minority programs exist. And the people I am speaking on are the men and women that are leading our government.

I don’t want you to read this and just share it with a friend. I want you to read this and figure out what you can specifically do to better this country. Whether it means voting during every election, starting an organization that will help those affected by the new laws our government is passing or whatever. Marching. Calling your local representatives. DO SOMETHING. This country is about to make a turn for the worse, and it’s our job to make this country a place that holds respect for each and every person.



Sunset Noir.





The last time I’ll be able to say, “My President is Black and my Lambo is Blue”:

This is legitimately sad as hell… The Obamas have finished their two terms in the White House & I’m left here reminiscing at how dope it was to even have them as the First Family. We are truly about to get some ashy ass people in the White House soon 🙄🙄🙄. 
This country’s foundation was built on hate and inequality, and to see a Black man lead the free world with dignity honestly makes my heart smile. 
I’m trying not to be emotional or selfish, but damn our country literally made a few steps forward to acceptance , equality, and change; and to know that those 8 years of hard work, are now about to be jeopardized. 
And let me get ONE thing straight, Obama was elected because he offered the country a chance to move on from it’s old ways. Obama, a Black Ivy League graduate, offered the country a chance to make a change. He was elected in an effort to bring in equality and to give hope to the disenfranchised population.

On the other hand , we have Your president elect , donald trump. A candidate who was not even taken seriously years ago because of his reality tv affiliations and bad character; yet now he has all these bandwagon supporters.

Tell me something, 10 years ago do y’all think any of his voters would have supported him? He was nothing but an obnoxious, business man who most of America despised. Trump was not and is not relatable to the American people. ( but let me not even go there ).
Trump was not elected because of his “plans” to make America “great” again. Nor was he elected because of his “amazing” tax plan or his iconic idea to build a wall to block out Mexicans from a country they lowkey were at first…. ( *insert shade and sarcasm* )

Trump was elected because he had the guts to say what America has been saying behind our backs the whole time. He wants America to go back to the good old Jim Crow, segregated Ass days. He doesn’t believe the LGBT community should have rights, he sure as hell does not believe in having respect for those around him.

He was elected because White America needed payback. How dare our country elect a Black man to lead the free world ? How dare we give the LGBT community rights. How dare we give health insurance to everybody? 

Voters were so upset that there was a Black family in office, that they chose the first candidate that showed no respect for the man they chose to hate simply because of the color of his skin. I can promise you this, if Trump’s platform wasn’t built on hate, he would not have gotten the support he has gotten over the past few months. 

A majority of the shit Trump has said and done has been unethical as hell, but because he chose to choose a platform of hate… he gave white america a chance to redeem their goals of going back in time.

SORRY I HAD TO GET THAT OFF MY CHEST, but to get back on subject….

Obama was elected to save us from the decline we were in and he was successful. Whether you want to admit it, Obama did a damn good job being the leader of our country.

I’m not sure what I’ll miss most about the Obama family. Is it how snatched and elegant Thee Michelle LaVaughn Obama is…? I mean home girl has TWO, not one, but TWO Ivy League degrees and still has time to slay. Or hell let’s not forget to mention that Barack and Michelle are probably the only first family to have two daughters that still have to keep their grades up, work, and then maintain the family name. 

I mean think about it, what scandals have we heard about the Obama girls … (and please don’t bring up Malia dancing with friends at a party) 

This family spent 8 years scandal free, and were able to inspire everyone around them. I am honored to have lived in this country during the Obama era, and will forever appreciate his bravery and dignity. 

What Obama did for the minorities will never be forgotten. He made it his duty to welcome diversity into our world, and we will never get a president as real as him.

Y’all it just hit me… Barack really had Beyoncé to perform at the inauguration… how can you not love this man? He has great musical taste…

And one more thing… Theeeee Beyoncé Giselle Knowles- Carter and the Obamas were friends … so there’s that…. #iconic

YALL I AM ACTUALLY OVER HERE CRYING AND TYPING…. this feels like a nightmare … Beyoncé, sis help us !!!! 😫😫😫

I would write peace and cornbread, but quite frankly… I’m not at peace with the world around me… 
Faith ❤
&& to end this post on a good note.. I’ve had this song on repeat for the past few days & felt like y’all should dab to it too !! Trump is y’all president, so why not distract yourselves with a dope song to vibe to…

Ig: rodojo21 

A Sprinkle of Thoughts for your Wednesday:

I’m starting to feel like some of yall’s dead beat daddy… who only checks on his kids on birthdays and tax season .. Lol , I said I’ll do better … but here we are.

I’m laying in my temperpedic , listening to bad and boujee and reflecting … and I wanted to just share with y’all some thoughts going through my head……

I’ve been spending the past ten days trying to follow my New Years resolutions and I can honestly say … the shit drags.

Drink more water. Cuss less. Don’t be petty. Blog everyday. Workout everyday. Work on memorizing Lil Kim’s entire catalog. Be positive. Don’t cuss. Increase flexibility. Try to tolerate Trump supporters . Don’t cuss. Go to sleep early & wake up earlier. Stop spending money on food. Blog more. & most importantly … stay true to myself .

Granted , my resolutions aren’t the hardest goals to reach; however it’s recently been a struggle. I catch myself trying change or switch up the goals, simply because I’ve grown comfortable with my old , ratchet ass habits … ( peep that cuss word?) 

And not only have I grown comfortable with my old, stubborn ways.. I’ve even gotten to the point where I think I’m too good for patience. 

Like I catch myself getting frustrated with progress, and want to see results to my hard work immediately. Is it just me or are some of y’all dealing with this too?

It’s like in our society, you’re supposed to graduate from school, then either go to another college or get this amazing, high paying job in your major… then get married. 

And I’ve gotten none of that accomplished. And it’s stressful as hell. It’s hard having to look your parents in the face and try to explain to them your goals and dreams. 

And that’s something I’m learning more and more everyday. Sometimes it’s better to do more and talk less. Why? Cause you’re gonna spend so much time trying to make everybody feel comfortable about your personal goals …. when you could simply be working on improving your own damn self.

I encourage everyone to write down their plans for the future and take them seriously … stop putting off what you can do RIGHT now for something that’s not even important. 
Peace & Cornbread…
Faith ❤

It’s Hard to be a Stripper with Bad Knees:


It’s been a minute ya’ll…I’m going to do a quick recap on why I’ve been a dead beat daddy to my blog family.

  1. Amerikkka allowed Trump to get into office.
  2. I’ve been on a diet from hell.
  3. I’ve been spending all my money paying off debts to Uncle Sam & I’m lowkey moody.
  4. I’ve been working as a modern day slave ( we will get into this in a minute)
  5. I’ve been having an internal battle on whether it’s time to leave South Carolina or be a mama’s girl forever.

You’re most likely reading my list of reasons on why I’ve been MIA and probably are thinking “girl, get over it and grow up”… & you have every reason to think and feel that.

Through my absence from this blog, I’ve learned one of the biggest lessons ever. “Everybody has an opportunity to be successful; however success is only promised to those who are willing to sacrifice and work their ass off.” ( Write this shit down )… I used to look at celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna and just reflect on the fact that they are living their dreams. But it never dawned on me how much they both have had to sacrifice in order to be successful.

I think the problem with our generation (aka ME) is that we set goals, but we don’t take into consideration how much pain, sweat, and adversity we have to go through in order to finally bask in our ambience. So many people set so many dope, creative goals… but when it comes down to getting to the nitty gritty; that’s when a dream falls through. I mean how can we work, go to school, take care our family, pay our bills, workout, maintain a healthy ph balance and relationship, and then follow our dreams. && I failed to mention keep up with our Instagram and Twitter feeds… Shit is skressfullllll. It almost seems impossible. To be honest it may be impossible… But it’s time to redefine the odds we are given and still achieve our goals.

I’ve been working at this job for the past month & I can wholeheartedly say I hate it. Growing up in the church and attending Christian school, I know that we are supposed to shy away from saying “hate”…. HOWEVER THIS IS HOW I FEEL. I HATE IT. I HONESTLY AND TRULY HATE IT. There’s nothing about my job that I find nice, or fun, or even spectacular. I mean the checks are cute, but by the time the government gets their cut.. it leaves me with a few nickels and a couple of dimes.

I literally cry before I clock into work every night… Can you imagine a grown ass woman sobbing in her Honda just at the thought that she has to be at work? Melodramatic or nahhh? …. and to make matters worse , the shifts are 12 hours on your feet doing tedious shit.. & that’s what truly grinds my gears and shakes my internal table.

It’s like every night I try to come up with alternative ways to get money and I can’t lie and act like dancing has not ran past my mind everyday 2 or 3 times a day. I mean how easy would be it be to strip…. but then I have to remind myself that I have bad knees, a terrible right ankle & cannot walk in heels for more than 2 hours… so my options are slim.

I’m telling you my privileged ass sob story as a way to illustrate how important it is to put your eye on the prize and follow your dreams no matter how hard it is. I hate premeditatively spilling the beans; but I will be leaving our beloved state of South Carolina very soon. I’m not getting a lot of support from mommy and daddy solely because I’m grown and they’ve done their part. & I am more than thankful for all they have done for me…  But it’s time for me to boss up…

I just know deep down in my heart, in order for me to move & be successful I have to get the money myself. I hate my job, but I know in the long run it is going to truly pay off.

So friends, whatever you are going through… Don’t give up. Sometimes you have to go through HELL in order to get to where you wanna go. I know it’s easier said than done; and I’m struggling right now with finding the strength to finish this month of work out before I leave. But we can do it.

Don’t settle for a mediocre life; because that life will always be easy peazy . Challenge yourself and work hard… I promise you it’ll work out!

Jesus be a Dr. Scholls Foot Pad as a I go back into work tomorrow night!


❤ Faith

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Can We Put This Election in Some Rice?


Good Morning Ya’ll,

Last night I couldn’t sleep and was literally up all night thinking about today.. I hate waiting in lines, I hate being outside with the elements and locals… but I’m just gonna have to chalk up my excuses and do what I have to do.

Today is election day, and quite frankly I’m shook. I’m not even gonna sit here and focus on who’s actually running for president, because that’s already a shit show. My focus right now is to tell ya’ll to get up and vote. I keep reading and hearing how folks are saying their votes don’t count and etc…  So let me clarify.

For a candidate to actually win this presidency, She or He has to win enough state elections to get the majority electoral college vote. So in essence, Hillary or Don are actually focusing on winning states and not the majority. The Electoral College was enacted as a way to give all states a “fair” chance and force candidates to campaign all over the country, and not just the big cities. So yes, your vote does count, but our members of the electoral college are “supposed” to align their votes with what the state’s popularity vote is.


Our country is in trouble because one of the candidates has given a group of people the platform to spew our their hate; and it’s our job to not let Hate win. Ever since this election has started the hate and racism I have encountered daily is despicable, and its my responsibility to do something about it. I can’t even act like I’m in the mood to get dressed and go vote, but I know specifically my grandma marched for Blacks like me to have this moment. So it’s time to make our ancestors proud.

I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for, but all I can say is… neither candidate is perfect. I mean I really don’t even need to go over the issues each candidate has. However, this is one of those situations where we are gonna have to suck up the tears and accept that our Beloved Obama Family is leaving the White House soon.. and now we have to elect someone else to the office.


We will never get a family as beautiful and gracious as the Obamas, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. All we can do at this point is to listen to the advice of President Obama and vote.


Sorry if I wasn’t able to bring laughter to your morning, but this is just too serious of a matter for me to sit out on. If you’ve already voted, then thank you. But if you are like me, then get up, put that coat on… and go vote. It’s worth the long line.

Besides, ya’ll can wait in line to get in the club before 11, so I truly don’t see an issue with waiting in line to elect the new leader of the “free” world.


A Black Girl with Election Anxiety


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Women of Color Makeup Ideas & a List of Black Owned Makeup Companies!


Hi everybody…

This past week has been sooooooo stressful; I took a job that I knew I had no business taking. On the job posting it had a nice pay rate, but when I got hired the pay rate decreased immensely. What makes matters worse was the job was not going to pay us until the end of November, so I literally packed my snacks and notebook up and left.

On top of the work situation, I’ve been stressing about moving out my parents’ house… I’m 22 and ready for the world; and they think I should stay at home for like 37 more years, so yeah… life has been extremely unlit.

But hey, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes… and I refuse to be in my feelings today; so let’s touch on a lighter topic… Makeup! My best friend Crystal helped me orchestrate this post, so shout out to her. (Her Instagram is noted at the bottom)

Everyone wants a beat face nowadays, unless you are Alicia Keys and want to let everyone you don’t wear makeup every chance you get, so I decided to do a piece to highlight some amazing YouTube Makeup Gurus that everyone should check out.

&& To my male readers, don’t fret… This article is for you too, because if you know of anybody who is having some issues with makeup; this is an amazing passive aggressive way to address it 🙂

This could come off as problematic, but I decided to organize my videos by skin tones so it’ll be easier to figure which YouTube series works for you the most.

(So to my fake deep followers, no I’m not trying to create more of a divide in the Black community, I’m just trying to help everyone find a makeup artist who’s skin matches with them. It helps me out because, I’m able to see what colors work on women like me…)

*Youtubers are not put in any particular order*

For My Red and Yellow Bone girls:

  • MsPreciousMarie
  • Teaira Walker
  • Raven Elyse
  • Viva_Glam_Kay
  • Simply Shanalee
  • ItsmyRayeRaye
  • Alyssa Forever
  • Nitraa B
  • Alissa Ashley
  • The Real Kim J
  • TymetheInfamous
  • SonjdraDeluxe

For My Brown skin and Mocha ladies:

  • Kathryn Bedell
  • ElleForLexxi
  • Toni Olayoe
  • LizLizLive
  • BeautyByJJ
  • Queenii Rozenblad
  • J Renna
  • Jackie Aina
  • She’kia Renea
  • Shahd Batal

For My Chocolate Divas:

  • MelaninRich
  • KayBeautyBrown
  • Avielle Amor
  • UloveMegz
  • Rose Kimberly
  • KokaButa
  • DestinyLashaeMakeup
  • JustBrittanyH
  • Keisha Klicks
  • Wilonda Previlon

For My Olive Toned Ladies:

  • Carli Bybel
  • Bella Fiori
  • Irania Riviera
  • Jasmine Hand
  • Teni Panosian
  • Marianna Hewitt
  • Melly Sanchez
  • Sona Gasparian
  • Abnbby
  • Nicole Guerriero
  • Desi Perkins
  • WickedBeautification
  • Suchila Oil


Also I’ve taken the liberty to highlight some amazing Black owned makeup companies you all should check out… (NOT IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER)

  1. Fashion Fair
  2. Black Opal
  3. Ka’Oir Cosmetics
  4. Iman Cosmetics
  5. Black Up Cosmetics
  6. Black Radiance Cosmetics
  7. Magnolia Makeup
  8. Coloured Raine
  9. Gold Label Cosmetics
  10. The Miracle Lash

I’ve tried all ten of these products, and can personally vouch for them. Leave some more brands that you enjoy in the comments. Also leave some more youtubers that you watch!!!!
Don’t forget to subscribe for updates. 


Faith ❤

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Dream or Die Volume 1

Happy Sunday Saints and Aints… Today I’m going to be as non-draining as possible and bring some positivity into the world… I took like 6 philosophy classes in college, so that pretty much gives me the okay to give out professional advice and etc…

If you know anything about me, you know that I hate corny/ cliché shit. I get tired of asking folks for advice, and their only response to me is to follow my dreams and never give up. Now granted… those are two important things that I should do, but it gets so old when people give you the most basic quotes to live by.

Growing up I was told that I was going to either be a doctor or lawyer. The thing is, biology was never my ministry, so the medical dream was canceled. And political science is dope, but I don’t know if I have the patience to do it forever. When I tell others my personal dreams, they literally laugh at me. “Faith you can’t survive off of blogging. You have to go get a real job” and don’t get me wrong.. I understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and success doesn’t happen over night, but damn don’t shoot my dream down.

Since I can remember, I’ve always been about a dollar. At the age of 7, my neighbor and I would go find rocks, paint them, and then go sit on corner and sell them. (Don’t judge us). Or when my rock money was low, I would go pick leaves off trees and poke holes in them and sell, Spy Leaves, to my neighbors as a way to catch their cheating spouses in the act. (OBVIOUSLY I’VE NEVER HAD A CHILL!)

The reason I’m sharing my past entrepreneurial experiences is to stress how important it is to stay true to your selves. I expressed to my parents that I did not want to work for anybody, they told me to go make a business plan. Now my business ventures may not have been the most viable plans, but I was passionate about them. I literally was eating, breathing, and living through my rock and leaf designs; and that’s why my businesses were so “successful”.

I personally believe that in order to be successful in your dream career is to CUT OUT the comparisons. At this point, nobody matters but you. Be selfish!!! Stop looking at what the next girl or guy is doing, because those 45 minutes you spent snooping on her Instagram could’ve been 45 minutes of personal work.

Also, STOP TELLING EVERYBODY YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. Unless you are talking to best friends or family, limit the amount of people you tell your dreams too. Believe it or not, people ain’t shit and they will go out their way to mess your dreams up, just for the shits and giggles. Until you have a concrete plan, stay quiet. Like the great Weezy F Baby says, “Real G’s Move in Silence Like Lasagna”…. So until you have a product to push, keep it cute & on MUTE.


Faith ❤

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