The Racial Climate is Extremely Uncomfortable: So let’s change it.


**To my subscribers, you are all probably confused as to why I deleted my other post… and I decided I want to publish it closer to the election… My fault.**

Now I told my Grandma I was not going to cuss on my blogs anymore.. However, this is way different.

I want to first and foremost say I am a firm believer in speaking and living in your truth. However make sure that when you are living in your truth, it does not negatively affect those around you.

Racism, sexism, and homophobia have been around since the beginning of time, and I know that there is nothing I can do to stop it. Hate is a thing that is taught and practiced from generation to generation. It isn’t something that just happens over night. So with that being said, in order to combat hate, we will have to teach love and acceptance.

First off, let’s accept the fact that our country has made some extremely messed up decisions when it comes to certain groups of people. You can look at the murder and displacement of Native Americans as an example. Hell you can even look at how hard women had to fight in order to get a chance to vote. And if you really want to see pettiness, look at how people were kidnapped from Africa and brought to this country to become slaves. Or no let’s look at how our country views and treats immigrants, or we could just settle with the way the LGBT community has been treated over the years.

I’m tired of people making excuses for the heinous shit that goes on daily when it comes to discrimination. I personally believe the election has caused a lot of people to be bold, and to live in their hate publicly. Before social media was in existence, nobody had proof of how much hate has been spewed throughout the world. Hell, I’ll even be the first to admit that before social media, I did not know how bad racism had gotten.

Growing up in the South, I experienced my own racism; but I was so conditioned to being the token Black girl that I learned to label it as something else. I was so conditioned to racism, that instead of approaching it head on, I simply ignored it in order to keep from looking like an angry Black woman in the making.

But to be honest, I’m tired of it…

I’m sick of people not wanting to accept the fact that hate still exist in this world today. I’ve had so many friends to blame certain racially motivated situations as an innocent, isolated incident. I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of walking into certain stores and being followed because I look like I may be stealing. I’m tired of servers not giving me grade A service due to the fact they assume all Black people do not tip. I’m tired of people asking me for permission to say “nigga”. I’m tired of everybody assuming that because I went to college, it had to be a HBCU. I’m tired of people saying that HBCU colleges were made to leave out White people (yes people say this). I’m tired of holding my breath whenever I get pulled over my a cop. I’m tired of having to worry about my daddy and guy friends every time they decide to hop behind the wheels of their cars and travel. I’m tired of people asking me to touch my hair. I’m tired!

I want to close this blog off with a quick story about what happened to me a few weeks ago… I was driving through my neighborhood at 10 o clock at night trying to get home so that I would not miss my Monday night tv schedule. I noticed a car was following me slowly, however I kept it moving because I did not know if they lived near me. It got to the point where the car was literally tailgating me, and I got scared. After a few feet the car stopped, and I sped to my house. Once I approached my house, I hopped out the car and started jetting to the front door when I realized blue lights were on. Those long 5 minutes I was getting followed, it was actually by an unmarked cop car. The cop parked his car into my driveway and asked me if I lived at my house. I explained to him this is my house, and asked him why he was following me. He simply responded by saying  I did not look like I belonged in my neighborhood, so he decided to take the liberty to follow me and see where I was going. He said there were plenty of break ins recently and I looked like I matched the profile of someone who would commit that crime.

I literally stood there in disbelief, this random cop was parked on MY property, and was telling me I did not look like I belonged in my neighborhood on 9 years. It hurt, and when I addressed him on his bias, he started walking towards me…He kept trying to reassure me that he was not a racist, and understood how sketchy it was for him to follow me, but he felt he had to make sure I was not a troublemaker. That incident really changed my perspective on the world we live in, and it taught me that prejudice and hate are entities that are conditioned to people, and sometimes they do not even know when they are acting on it.

All I want is to live in a world, where everybody accepts and loves their neighbors. I want to live in a world where women should not have to think twice about whether their husband or son may make it back home. I want to live in a world where people are not discriminated against because of who they decide to date or marry. I want to live in a world where all religions and spiritual sects are welcomed and celebrated….



P.S: I added a picture of this Jesus statue I took while I was at a United Methodist Church In Dallas… 🙂 I thought it was kinda cute.

What It Really Feels Like to Sit at the Table: An Ode to Solange Piaget Knowles


What’s up with those Knowles girls? Like, seriously…. WHY ARE THEY THE WAY THEY ARE? How can you flawlessly integrate social activism in a song, while at the same time giving listeners the chance to still twerk to their music in the club……..?

I’m trying to not stan as I type this, but seriously HOWWWWWW? Do you not understand how crazy it had to be to make an album solely about the beauty and struggles of the Black community in an industry led by White people?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read a million blogs or posts about certain songs on the album, and I actually do not want to focus all my energies on that. I want to focus on how important it is to stand in your truth while no matter where you are. Because when it comes to being Black in the South, you’re going to always have to be on your p’s and q’s, and not back down when someone tries your Blackness.

But back to this flawlessly written album..

How dope and bad ass is it to release this pro black and pro woman ass album in a world full of racism and misogyny. Solange and Beyonce knew there would be a chance that they could possibly lose money or fans; but they did not care. They stood in their Blackness and Womanhood… and we could learn a lot from that. Granted these girls are rich as hell, and pretty much work for themselves… That’s not the point though… The point is we should celebrate ourselves every day and enjoy our heritage..

I’ve had a lot of people to ask what exactly is the table…? And I personally believe the table is an objective view of Black Womanhood. For years and years, Blacks have had to conform to the post-colonial society and fake it until we make it. We’ve had to hide our Blackness in order to feel somewhat included, get hired for a job, and be viewed as attractive. We’ve literally had to shit on our own culture in order to continue to get discriminated against in the world… and the shit is crazy to me.

So when you ask me what it means to sit at the table, I think of the table as a safe haven for those who are tired of conforming to societal norms, and just want to surround themselves with people who are ready to stop dimming their lights in order to make certain groups comfortable.

I would not be me if I weren’t going to share a short story about my life as a way to end this post… When I first listened to “Don’t Touch My Hair”, I almost fell off my couch laughing. Do ya’ll know how irritating it is for us girls of color to work meticulously to get these twist outs perfected, to get these bantu knots tightened, to sit through the burning of the creamy crack on our scalps, to get hit in the head with the brush by our mothers for moving too much while getting our braids done all for random ass people to tug on our hair to see how it feels? 

Black folks have been discriminated against so much because of their hair that now we’ve become sensitive of it. So the fact that she was able to make a song and help people understand that when they take it upon themselves to touch our hair without our permission, it’s sort of like fucking our feelings up…. And it’s a problem!

I’ve literally dated guys who told me up front that my afro made me look basic, or that they preferred me with my bundles of hair. Do you know how it feels to spend hours applying coconut oil and water to your hair just to realize that the guy you are digging thinks you look basic? It’s not the best feeling. Or when you are in class with your box braids and your professor takes it upon him/her self to tug on your grab your braids act like they are whipping you with it… It’s not a good feeling, and Solange was able to address it in her music in the sweetest and softest way..

So Solange, girl if you are reading this… (Which I doubt you are)… Thank you. Merci Beaucoup. Gracias…. What you did was shine a light on the issues, joys, insecurities, thoughts, and more of the Black community…

You used your platform as a way to speak for those who don’t have the opportunity to, and I’ll forever love you for that sis!!!!

Love ya’ll,

Faith ❤



Black People and Mental Illness: Let’s Discuss It…(Thanks Kid Cudi)

***(Not gonna lie, this is weird as hell to talk about, but if this is going to inspire someone to seek help or whatever then I’ll just step outside my comfort zone.)***


Well I want to start this blog off with a huge thank you to everybody who has been supportive of my crazy dreams. This has been a long time coming, and I’m so excited to finally use the world wide web as a way to shine my light…

Ya’ll probably have been trying to figure out where the hell I’ve been, and I’m going to be honest… I’ve been hiding out.. I recently made a big girl decision and parted ways with a good paying job, that was affecting me mentally, physically, and emotionally.. So now I’m back at square one….

But let’s speak on a more serious note.. If you haven’t heard already, Kid Cudi wrote an open letter pretty much letting fans know he is checking himself into rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts. Now if you are a die hard Cudi fan, then you probably already knew this was coming, so you’re probably feeling some relief. While on the other hand, a lot of people were actually caught off guard by his honesty.

Let’s just keep it real, in the Black community .. MENTAL ILLNESS IS A NO NO!!! We all have that guy in our neighborhood who talks to himself that our mama told us to stay away from… or we have that cousin who lost a loved one and turned to drugs and alcohol.. or hell I know we all have a friend that does not want to accept the fact that they are Black or whatever… We all are surrounded by mental illness, but we shy away from addressing it , because it’s not cool or polite.

We as Black people were conditioned to shy away from not being happy or normal.. even when our circumstances were fucked up. And let’s not even get started on the mental health of the Black community when it came down to getting kidnapped from Africa and brought to an unfamiliar country to be a slave. Or let me not bring up the fact that we were …. or I Mean we still are being raped, lynched, beat, and killed simply because the color of our skin. So mental health in the Black community is beyond real. However it seems like, instead of dealing with it in a correct way… we would rather turn to self help with addictions.


Just because you suffer from depression, or bipolar disorder, or any other mental illness; does not mean you should be ashamed. Our culture would rather hide our own individual battles, and ostracize those who are openly dealing theres… And that’s a problem… What Cudi did was by far the realist and trillest thing anybody could ever do… He accepted the fact he was not happy, and now he is working to get to a better place.

Y’all… I cannot stress this enough… Men: admitting to needing help does not make you weak or lame.. It does not take away from your masculinity or manhood… but instead it shows us you are actually stronger than what we thought. Ladies: admitting that you need help does not make you thirsty for attention or whack, but instead it shows us that you truly love yourself.

I’ve never been the type to tell my business, but I would be a hypocrite to tell yall to take mental breaks and etc when I’m not doing the same. I graduated from one of the best colleges in the nation with an amazing degree in Government, and I’m unemployed. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and to be honest I’m stressed. I would be dead wrong to act like I’m happy as hell right now, because I’m not.. Everybody keeps telling me that I’m young and have time to figure things out, but quite frankly that doesn’t really help my anxiety. Hence that’s why I started this blog… I wanted to use my talents in a productive way…Now do not get me wrong, my parents and friends have helped me deal with the anxiety.. Beyonce and trap music has helped me deal with the insecure feelings.. and the blood of Jesus has kept me from popping off on people because of my short fuse…

But what really helped me cope with the anxiety and depression was waking up and realizing I was not happy.. So thank you Kid Cudi for having the guts to admit that life is hard as hell to deal with, and that it’s okay to go seek help. I’m so happy his revelation was able to open up a dialogue for people to address the taboo of mental illness in our community. Hell his revelation even caused me to tell yawl all my business.. LMFAO .

But for real though, if you know anybody who is going through some shit or hell if you are that person going through something. Just understand it will get better, and if you can’t find anybody you can trust to talk to.. I’m opening my DM’s and email to those who are feeling like life is overwhelming and etc.




–> Stay tuned for my Beyonce Concert and New Orleans recap….





So tomorrow night at 7:30 pm, I will be at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome standing in the crowd with my Forever 21 knock off Manolo boots, laid edges, beat face, and an open heart. This is my first concert, so I’m not only vv excited, I’m also stoked as hell to be in the beautiful city of New Orleans.

If you don’t learn anything about me in this SunsetNoir blog, please understand that I am a genuine member of the Beyhive. I’ve been rocking with sis since 1998 when she graced the world as the lead singer of the best girls group to ever touch U.S soil, Destiny’s Child. Through all the BS that this world offers me on a daily basis, Beyonce has yet to disappoint me… But instead goes way above my expectations.

You’re probably reading this thinking, “Faith.. Where are you going with this?” … And now is the time where I stop stanning and start just throwing facts out.

When Beyonce first went solo, she made amazing music… but I’m going to be honest, I didn’t feel like I could relate to Bey. (YES I’M AWARE IN NO SHAPE OR FORM WOULD I EVER COMPARE TO BEY)… But yeah, I felt like when she released Dangerously in Love, Bday, Sasha Fierce, and 4… They were timeless albums that I loved, but I don’t feel like I felt a strong strong connection to Beyonce.


However, Bey took a hiatus and released an album that changed the ENTIRE course of music history. She released an album with absolutely NO promo, and sold 828,773 copies in the first three days…. YOUR FAVE WOULD OR COULD NEVER… Anyways, she released an album and told us about her insecurities, her love for her husband and child, and even let the world know that even she is a freak.. (not going to lie, Partition and Rocket caught me off guard and made me clutch my pearls)

Then on top of releasing her self titled album, she pulled another stunt… went to the Superbowl and performed this BLACK ASS performance (Formation) and slayed the entire world. Beyonce literally went from this cute country girl from Tx who played it safe, to this feminist who was not afraid to sing about her sexuality and motherhood, to this civil rights goddess.


But Beyonce has gotten to this point where she is honest as fuck, uses her platform to not only give us girls songs to twerk to at the club, but also gives us songs to march to and be proud of our Black heritage…

So yes, I’m more than psyched to be able to breathe Beyonce’s air and just get my wig shifted….








Marc Jacobs, YOU TRIED IT

Well here is my first “official” blog post… I contemplated on whether I wanted my first post to be a mixture between petty and messy, or something prolific. And after all the bull shit this week, I opted to go with something more prolific. First of all, before I even address this ignorance, I want to send prayers and support to those affected by police brutality. Cops were hired to serve and protect everyone; yet it seems like a good bit of them end up serving and protecting a doctrine full of hate. **I will do a separate blog post to discuss this issue**

But to get back on subject, let me first give you a brief rundown on how Marc Jacobs truly tried it. He did a fashion show a few days ago and had his models (which were predominately white)  wear colorful dreads. After the show, Jacobs received a ton of backlash about his use of appropriation and lack of diversity in his show. His initial response was pretty much that Black women are always crying about cultural appropriation, yet we straighten our hair……………He also went on to say that he does not see color and that we (Black people) should pretty much just get over it.

I’ll be the first to say how much cultural appropriation annoys me, but I don’t consider myself the appropriation police. Initially when I saw the models on twitter, the first thing that came to my head was where are the Black girls at; then I laughed and continued to scroll down my timeline. I honest to God believe that if Marc had of just said nothing; everybody would have just forgotten about the issue… but Him being Him, he had to press the issue more.

Let me try to cut through his BS…

How could you try to connect cultural appropriation (which is when a certain culture decides to assimilate another culture) to Black women having to damage our hair in order to be taken seriously in our “hate-free” society? Marc, do you know that it is legal for jobs to choose not to hire somebody simply because they wear dreadlocks? Do you understand that some people wear dreadlocks because it is apart of their religion? Do you understand that if jobs truly allowed people of color to wear their hair the way it was designed to be styled, that we most likely wouldn’t even put heat in our hair? Do you understand that the way the media and society are set up, people of color are taught to not even like our kinky hair? Hell I saw a clip on the news that said the standard of beauty is to look like Kate Middleton. Now don’t get me wrong, Kate is a cute girl… however, I’m black and I don’t have straight hair, and my eyes are most definitely not blue… and I’m still beautiful.

I’m not trying to go on a rant right now, but it’s so irritating to turn on the news and hear someone with such a big platform shit on people of color. I don’t understand how an ARTIST does not  see color…. Isn’t that like the foundation to everything you do??  Without the gift of seeing color you would not be where you are today. And to go further, by you not seeing color.. does that mean that the issues that people of color go through are null and void to you? *sips tea*… I’ll wait.

I’m going to be extremely honest with this post and say I used to HATE seeing Black women with natural styles. I used to call them the “shea butter girls”, the “coconut oil sisters” or whatever. And now that I’m sharing this with the world… I’m almost sick to my stomach at how ignorant I used to be. I’m not the one to place blame on anyone when it comes to my bull shit; but let’s be real… growing up in the South in a predominately White school having an afro…. WAS STRESSFUL. I was so used to people saying my hair felt and looked like dirty cotton, or asking me why I didn’t comb my hair before I got to school (EVEN WHEN I DID), or flat-out telling me I would look better with straight hair….

It’s a crazy world we live in, but the bullying and insults formed me into a person full of self hate. I spent all my hard-earned money on bundles trying to keep up with the Jones, when really I was running away from the fact that I had beautiful kinky hair and hated it.

Yes, I got a little bit off subject, but I just have to make you understand that when people with big platforms make bold statements like that, it affects everyone. When people make statements saying they don’t see color, it affects EVERYONE. When people make millions of dollars off cute white girls with dreads; but fail to even acknowledge where the dreads came from, it’s a PROBLEM.

So to Marc Jacobs…. shut up. Get some diversity training. Get a new team or honestly just go have a permanent seat. It’s disgusting to see someone with so much “talent” and a big platform to be so ignorant.


Friends… how did ya’ll feel about his comments? Do ya’ll think that the people of color are overreacting by his use of dreads on White models? Do ya’ll think it should be allowed for other cultures to make a profit off of someone else’s cultural traditions? Leave some comments or hit me up so we can discuss this.

Bye yall,

Faith ❤


P.S: I’m riding to New Orleans tomorrow to see THE Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, so YASSS stay tuned for that write up.


In case you are wondering why I sent you the link to this page…


This is my first blog post and I can’t lie and act like I’m not freaked out or uncomfortable as hell. I’ve been lying to friends and family for years saying I was going to start a blog; yet today I finally stepped up to the plate and did what I said I would do.

I’m not going to act like I am the Grammar Goddess of the South, nor am I going to act like I’m politically correct on everything (even though I lowkey think I am). I’m just going to post on here weekly and tell ya’ll how I feel when it comes to the world around me and keep it moving.

I’ve sat down with friends for hours to come up with some dope stuff to talk about and present using my new platform, and I hope I can actually make a difference in the world around me.

In my first post I wanted to mainly discuss what you should expect from my blog, and hopefully set some expectations.

Lifestyle: I’ll write about topics that I go through or see people go through on a daily basis. My goal for the Lifestyle department is to bring a comedic relief to the bs everyone has to deal with in the world we live in.

Pop Culture: I’ll write about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to these celebrities and their bs that they feel the need to broadcast every day. So expect to see articles that range from Blue Ivy’s Mother to Keyshia Cole finally getting a chance to enter the BET awards instead of selling hot dog plates at the entrance.

Health and Wellness: I’ll write about different ways to live a healthy life, while at the same time indulging in all things fried chicken and carbohydrates. I’ll discuss ways to clean up your health physically, mentally, and spiritually ; while exploring the number one taboo    —–> sex health.

TV, Music, Movie Reviews: I’ll be doing spontaneous reviews on reality tv shows, movies, and hip hop/r&b/ rap albums. Each review will offer insight on whether the product is worth spending your hard earned money or time on, while offering a comedic relief.

There will be dozens of other topics that I’ll be writing or discussing on Youtube, so always check daily to see new content.

One thing I’ve never  been good at is ending an essay or post, so I’m going to conclude this post with a sincere thank you for taking the time to actually read this. Please share and send me feedback!!!!



Faith 🙂