Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj:

After I posted this video, Auntie Mary confirmed that the fight between her and Faith was not true …. however , I live for the mess so …. I still stand by my conspiracy .

I originally recorded this video at the QT Gas Station because I couldn’t get any good lighting at home; however everybody was focusing on my black ass instead of pumping their unleaded gas; so I went to my home girl Dominic’s salon. So when you hear talking that’s her and her clients ❤️…( and another thing, I’m still trying to decide what kind of equipment i want , so once I get it , the Straight to dvd quality will be over with !!! If you wanna donate, feel free to contact me )

I decided not to choose sides between these two girls , however when someone says “on sight”; then that’s that. PERIODT * in my city girls voice *

But……. At the end of the day, the beginning of the morning & the middle of the afternoon …. The whole idea that this fight is solely wrong because it shows women of color acting a fool in front of where people is annoying . Stop with the respectability shit.

Just like these two girls were slinging shoes , while BRAHlic Ali, (the “ The Kitten Heel Expert” from Love and Hip Hop, Black Ink Crew, and the girl who fought at diddy’s party) was inserting herself into drama that had nothing to do with her , the women from Real Housewives of NY also had an altercation. Why is it that we don’t mention drama when it doesn’t involve women of Color?!?

It’s funny to think about the media focusing on Black women having an altercation while not really covering White women fighting but that’s a whole different topic , and I’m on lunch and don’t have time to delve into it right now.

But any who, I hope these girls can come together and squash their beef … ( they probably won’t ) & continue to make great music and leave us out their business …

But until next time… stay safe, hydrate , mind your business, take a probiotic & continue to live your best life.

Peace and Cornbread

Also I want to dedicate this video to Jamarcus ! Rest In Peace & thank you for always supporting me and my bull shit !!

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