Sunset Noir is Going to Youtube …


Hey Everybody,

I’ve taken another hiatus, but I am back and steering this blog down another lane. A lot of you guys wanted me to make youtube videos, and I’m all about keeping my supporters happy, so here we are.

I always imagined my first youtube video would have a nice gold backdrop with Jackie Aina pouring up shots. Yet here I am with my iphone 8 standing in my parent’s living room. ( life comes at you fast ).

I want to apologize ahead of time for the straight to dvd quality debut video, but I am so excited and tired of making excuses.

I’ve figured out what equipment I need, and I am going to start purchasing it… ( if you want to donate $sunsetnoir is my cash app tag )..

& to give you a brief synopsis of my year… I’ve worked, traveled to DR twice, scammed, dealt with a house fire, and been fit as hell!

Anyways, more content is to come.

I will be reviewing reality tv shows, movies, music, and discussing news topics. I will also be doing some messy investigative journalism into topics that affect me! 🙂

If you have a product or music to promote, email me!

Peace and Cornbread !



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