Katy “Crocodile Tear” Perry is Cancelled:

Katy Perry is in her 30s crying because nobody cares about her album’s release. She is crying because Taylor Swift, the snake that she is, is playing chess while Katy is only familiar with checkers. That’s why she is crying. Not because she is empathetic over the fact that she uses Black culture for her personal gain, but because she has run out of reasons to make people feel bad for her and now she is going to try to cry her way through these album sales…. Or lack there of.

I’ve always been a Katy Perry fan, back when she was kissing girls and dating John Mayer. I mean from the beginning I always found it to be kind of weird how she was always old, but her music sounded like teenage pop music, but hey… who am I to judge?

From what I’ve been hearing, her “Whiteness” album hasn’t been selling and now she is going to do what works best for white women… tears. I lied, her album is actually called “Witness”; but I just think “Whiteness” is more funnier and relates )

What bothers me about this entire appropriation situation is not so much the fact that this random middle aged woman is making millions doing the same thing Black women get looked down on. But it’s the fact that people are starting to say she is innovative on hair braiding and baby hair. The other issue I have is the fact that instead of owning up to the fact that she uses People of Color as a stepping stone to sell records and remain relevant, she wants to cry and be educated on how it hurts our community.

Girl goodbye

Katy knew that rocking corn rows, green hair puffs, and eating a watermelon probably would not go well; yet she did it. She knew that dressing up as a geisha would probably offend some people, and she still did it. She knew that the Dark Horse music video concept would offend some people because of the use of dark magic, yet she still did it.

It’s time we start holding these celebrities accountable for their decision making. If you have the guts to be racially insensitive, then you should be prepared to deal with the harsh reality that the universe is going to stop supporting you (aka the reason why she’s never won a Grammy)

Nonetheless, everybody be positive and have a great day. No matter how crazy the world is right now, don’t allow that to distract you from your purpose.

Peace & Cornbread

Life as We Know It: 

Life Update:
I hope all is well with everyone. There’s no need for me to apologize for my absence, because I’ve already said sorry like 33219 times. Writers Block is truly a disease, and I’ve been trying to find a cure.
I want to touch on a few random thoughts I’ve had lately, so be prepared for an array of mess to follow.
I’ve been recently working full time for an amazing company, while trying to stick to this healthy lifestyle. I’ve been learning a lot daily and doing my best to remain positive. One lesson I’ve truly been learning is, there’s nothing wrong with being 100% focused on your passion. 
I’ve also been in a head space that hasn’t been able to focus on what truly makes me happy. You can blame that on a heavy workload, trying to figure out who I am, trying to cure my impulsive shopping habit, and honestly just second guessing my dreams. I’ve gotten to that point of my young adulthood where I don’t know if I should focus 100% of my energy into growing in a corporate company, or still spend time shaping and pushing my dreams out.
Then you have to try to differentiate who is here for you and your dreams, and who is just here for the ride. My mom always told me, if your friends aren’t happy for your success, or don’t cuss you out when you start straying away from your dreams; then they are NOT your friends…
I mean I’ve had situations where I told some of my friends my dreams, and they straight up laughed in my face… or you have some people in your life who don’t support your dreams simply out of fear you will outshine them…
So in this world today you have to figure out who’s real and who’s fake and learn to keep your hopes and dreams to yourself. Don’t speak on your goals and plans until they are ready to be executed; because you’ll notice once you move in silence, shit goes as planned.
So anyways, everybody have an amazing Friday. Get money, Twerk, Be Safe.
Also, I’ll be getting a camera soon, so be ready for some vlogging and reality tv reviews….