Adulting is so Hard:

Adulting is so hard ….

I can hear my mother’s voice telling me to enjoy being a child, because being an adult is trash and extremely stressful … yet I didn’t believe her…….

Years later, I’m sitting here in a laundromat listening to this long ass Drake album trying to piece my life together. Have you ever been so overwhelmed with tedious tasks and deadlines that your only response is to do nothing? Like imagine having a term paper, test , presentation, and party all on Friday …. and your only response to all those tasks is to nap the pain away… (that’s where I’m at)

Or receiving an email or txt , and not having the strength or ability to reply back at the moment… so you set reminders to respond… and then end up ignoring the reminders … ( me )

If I would have known being an adult was so hard, I would have tried to enjoy my childhood even more instead of rushing to be grown. As a child I would sneak and watch Bet Uncut, Sex and the City, and Girlfriends … which put me in the notion that being a kid sucked … 

I dreamed of being grown and going to a bar and getting drunk. I dreamed of being rich and having a faithful, attractive husband. I dreamed of going on vacations with my friends once a month. I didn’t even know bills were a thing. I dreamed of having a perfect body like the girls in the Bet videos. I dreamed of being this glamorous creature who could have anything I wanted in the world…..

Yet here I am. 

When I think about all my dreams and goals, it makes me wanna cry. How am I supposed to go to bed early, drink a gallon of water a day, keep up with the Kardashians, get my weekly fix on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, workout, talk to my family, work a full time job that requires talking to people, have a functional relationship with God, hangout with friends, attempt to find a Bae, drink brown liquor, maintain my membership in the Beyhive, be a “role model” to my sister, travel, and so much more…..?

How Sway…. How?

I look at it like this, if Beyoncé can do everything she does, then I can do it…. but the problem is just finding the strength deep within to carry on with this task of being grown….

So to all my grown ass cousins …. I salute you all for making it look easy… even when being an adult is tough as hell. 

Being an adult is so hard y’all, but we can do it …. our ancestors had far less resources than we do… so we have no excuse …