23 Ways to Make Your Life More Lit:


Happy Saturday Everyone!

I’m not sure how I should organize my thoughts on this subject, so I’m just going to lay it out. Hopefully ya’ll are understanding of my dilemma and don’t side eye me too hard. If you know me on a personal level, then you’ve probably received a call or text full of doubt, insecurities, and fear about this move. This move has been super exciting, but scary as hell! And on top of this move being scary, I’m in a foreign city without a lot of contacts, so yes I’m in my feelings.

I made the conscience decision that if I was going to have the guts to move from South Carolina, then I’m going to have to also have the guts to rid myself of the toxic pieces of my life. I had gotten so comfortable with being unhappy and complacent; and letting go of the stress filled shit kind of scared me.

So in order for me to combat this unfamiliar feeling of being free and liberated, I’m going to just put out a list of some of my personal life goals. I hope that if you are going through what I am going through, this list is able to put some fire in you; so that you can live up to your potential.

  1. Not letting others’ opinions control my life.
  2. Stop allowing your past and past failures determine your present and future.
  3. Self Accountability
  4. Be confident in your decision making
  5. Face the problems in your life, instead of running from them
  6. No more making excuses
  7. Celebrate your accomplishments.
  8. Appreciate the present for what it is.
  9. Stop obsessing over the future.
  10. Money is the motive, but don’t let it ruin you
  11. Enjoy “me” time
  12. Meditate
  13. Budget your money.
  14. Drink Water ( alot it )
  15. Be active. (Whether you are running, lifting weights, or twerking; get out and move)
  16. Find some motivation
  17. Wake up earlier than usual and take a moment to thank God or whomever you look to as a higher power.
  18. Find a hobby.
  19. Forgive those who have hurt you.
  20. Seek forgiveness from those you have hurt.
  21. Travel and Explore.
  22. Mind your business.
  23. Don’t take life too seriously.


One thing I am big on is self growth, so because I am stepping outside of my comfort zone… ya’ll should too! Life is way too short to be holding onto insecure feelings, so live a little. Take a leap of faith and watch how it will work in your favor.


Sunset ❤



instagram: @sunsetnoir_

twitter: @thesunsetnoir


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