Sunset Takes On New Orleans 1:

Hey Hey.
Firstly, I want to thank everybody for their birthday wishes. Turning 23 has been an unique experience & that’s that.

So yeah , I moved to New Orleans. Random right ??? 

Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to leave South Carolina, but I could never a find a city that felt like “home”.

I knew that wherever I decided to go was going to be my chance to get my Nicodemus on and be born again. I wanted to find a city of rebirth, and what better place … New Orleans. 

After the tragic natural disaster New Orleans went through, this city has worked immensely to rebuild the city and maintain the culture. Granted it’s not where it needs to be, but the progress is definitely noticeable.

I’ll be starting a new blog series, ” Sunset Takes on New Orleans”, where I hope to document my experiences and observations in the Big Easy. This series is strictly my dumb ass opinions, and I hope to draw more visitors to the city. If you’re a New Orleans native and somehow find this ridiculous blog, feel free to show love & buy me a hand grenade. ( we will get to that in a second )

So the drive from South Carolina to New Orleans was trash, and I hope to never do it again. I rode through Georgia , Alabama , Mississippi, and then I finally got to New Orleans . I am impatient as fuck and barely have a license so let me put it like this, next time I’ll fly home.

My wonderful host Keshia has made me feel welcome, and also has this vv classy and comfortable bed. So shout out to her!

So let’s get to the nitty gritty… the roads are a fool. Like I had to double check with Sams to make sure I had warranty on my tires . There are pot holes everywhere , and uneven roads .. this is not the city to speed because your tires will neglect the hell out of you. 

Also New Orleans has hella ramps and bridges and all that & a girl from South Carolina ain’t used to that. There is this bridge I have to ride everyday, and it’s not too bad … but there’s another bridge that’s like 25 miles long & 2 lanes only …i don’t plan on using that bridge.

Also there are no left turns in this city. If you want to turn left, you have to do a u turn . That’s lowkey annoying as hell, and most of the roads have water dividing the directions of traffic… so you have to go through hell just to make a turn.

Other than the roads…. I’ve been on a search to find my long lost sister Solange. Y’all know how I feel about that those Knowles girls. Then I’ve been looking for Freedia and Juvie … but I haven’t been successful. 

Let’s bring up the liquor topic … liquor is everywhere. Walmart , Walgreens , Gas stations, EVERYWHERE. Liquor is cheap and the drinks are stronger .. so this is a perfect city to have a good time on a budget. This weekend I tried a Hand Grenade & it changed my life . It’s only $10 and will have you leaning. 

That’s all I have for today 💕. I’ll do a better job with taking pictures of the city. 
Sunset ❤️
So as I’m writing this, I’ve been hearing a train noise and was ignorant to what the hell it was….. there’s a tornado outside … so please pray for the city.. a lot of people lost their homes today! I’ll figure out what charities are going to be helping these families & I’ll fill y’all in.

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