The last time I’ll be able to say, “My President is Black and my Lambo is Blue”:

This is legitimately sad as hell… The Obamas have finished their two terms in the White House & I’m left here reminiscing at how dope it was to even have them as the First Family. We are truly about to get some ashy ass people in the White House soon 🙄🙄🙄. 
This country’s foundation was built on hate and inequality, and to see a Black man lead the free world with dignity honestly makes my heart smile. 
I’m trying not to be emotional or selfish, but damn our country literally made a few steps forward to acceptance , equality, and change; and to know that those 8 years of hard work, are now about to be jeopardized. 
And let me get ONE thing straight, Obama was elected because he offered the country a chance to move on from it’s old ways. Obama, a Black Ivy League graduate, offered the country a chance to make a change. He was elected in an effort to bring in equality and to give hope to the disenfranchised population.

On the other hand , we have Your president elect , donald trump. A candidate who was not even taken seriously years ago because of his reality tv affiliations and bad character; yet now he has all these bandwagon supporters.

Tell me something, 10 years ago do y’all think any of his voters would have supported him? He was nothing but an obnoxious, business man who most of America despised. Trump was not and is not relatable to the American people. ( but let me not even go there ).
Trump was not elected because of his “plans” to make America “great” again. Nor was he elected because of his “amazing” tax plan or his iconic idea to build a wall to block out Mexicans from a country they lowkey were at first…. ( *insert shade and sarcasm* )

Trump was elected because he had the guts to say what America has been saying behind our backs the whole time. He wants America to go back to the good old Jim Crow, segregated Ass days. He doesn’t believe the LGBT community should have rights, he sure as hell does not believe in having respect for those around him.

He was elected because White America needed payback. How dare our country elect a Black man to lead the free world ? How dare we give the LGBT community rights. How dare we give health insurance to everybody? 

Voters were so upset that there was a Black family in office, that they chose the first candidate that showed no respect for the man they chose to hate simply because of the color of his skin. I can promise you this, if Trump’s platform wasn’t built on hate, he would not have gotten the support he has gotten over the past few months. 

A majority of the shit Trump has said and done has been unethical as hell, but because he chose to choose a platform of hate… he gave white america a chance to redeem their goals of going back in time.

SORRY I HAD TO GET THAT OFF MY CHEST, but to get back on subject….

Obama was elected to save us from the decline we were in and he was successful. Whether you want to admit it, Obama did a damn good job being the leader of our country.

I’m not sure what I’ll miss most about the Obama family. Is it how snatched and elegant Thee Michelle LaVaughn Obama is…? I mean home girl has TWO, not one, but TWO Ivy League degrees and still has time to slay. Or hell let’s not forget to mention that Barack and Michelle are probably the only first family to have two daughters that still have to keep their grades up, work, and then maintain the family name. 

I mean think about it, what scandals have we heard about the Obama girls … (and please don’t bring up Malia dancing with friends at a party) 

This family spent 8 years scandal free, and were able to inspire everyone around them. I am honored to have lived in this country during the Obama era, and will forever appreciate his bravery and dignity. 

What Obama did for the minorities will never be forgotten. He made it his duty to welcome diversity into our world, and we will never get a president as real as him.

Y’all it just hit me… Barack really had Beyoncé to perform at the inauguration… how can you not love this man? He has great musical taste…

And one more thing… Theeeee Beyoncé Giselle Knowles- Carter and the Obamas were friends … so there’s that…. #iconic

YALL I AM ACTUALLY OVER HERE CRYING AND TYPING…. this feels like a nightmare … Beyoncé, sis help us !!!! 😫😫😫

I would write peace and cornbread, but quite frankly… I’m not at peace with the world around me… 
Faith ❤
&& to end this post on a good note.. I’ve had this song on repeat for the past few days & felt like y’all should dab to it too !! Trump is y’all president, so why not distract yourselves with a dope song to vibe to…

Ig: rodojo21 

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