A Sprinkle of Thoughts for your Wednesday:

I’m starting to feel like some of yall’s dead beat daddy… who only checks on his kids on birthdays and tax season .. Lol , I said I’ll do better … but here we are.

I’m laying in my temperpedic , listening to bad and boujee and reflecting … and I wanted to just share with y’all some thoughts going through my head……

I’ve been spending the past ten days trying to follow my New Years resolutions and I can honestly say … the shit drags.

Drink more water. Cuss less. Don’t be petty. Blog everyday. Workout everyday. Work on memorizing Lil Kim’s entire catalog. Be positive. Don’t cuss. Increase flexibility. Try to tolerate Trump supporters . Don’t cuss. Go to sleep early & wake up earlier. Stop spending money on food. Blog more. & most importantly … stay true to myself .

Granted , my resolutions aren’t the hardest goals to reach; however it’s recently been a struggle. I catch myself trying change or switch up the goals, simply because I’ve grown comfortable with my old , ratchet ass habits … ( peep that cuss word?) 

And not only have I grown comfortable with my old, stubborn ways.. I’ve even gotten to the point where I think I’m too good for patience. 

Like I catch myself getting frustrated with progress, and want to see results to my hard work immediately. Is it just me or are some of y’all dealing with this too?

It’s like in our society, you’re supposed to graduate from school, then either go to another college or get this amazing, high paying job in your major… then get married. 

And I’ve gotten none of that accomplished. And it’s stressful as hell. It’s hard having to look your parents in the face and try to explain to them your goals and dreams. 

And that’s something I’m learning more and more everyday. Sometimes it’s better to do more and talk less. Why? Cause you’re gonna spend so much time trying to make everybody feel comfortable about your personal goals …. when you could simply be working on improving your own damn self.

I encourage everyone to write down their plans for the future and take them seriously … stop putting off what you can do RIGHT now for something that’s not even important. 
Peace & Cornbread…
Faith ❀

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