It’s Hard to be a Stripper with Bad Knees:


It’s been a minute ya’ll…I’m going to do a quick recap on why I’ve been a dead beat daddy to my blog family.

  1. Amerikkka allowed Trump to get into office.
  2. I’ve been on a diet from hell.
  3. I’ve been spending all my money paying off debts to Uncle Sam & I’m lowkey moody.
  4. I’ve been working as a modern day slave ( we will get into this in a minute)
  5. I’ve been having an internal battle on whether it’s time to leave South Carolina or be a mama’s girl forever.

You’re most likely reading my list of reasons on why I’ve been MIA and probably are thinking “girl, get over it and grow up”… & you have every reason to think and feel that.

Through my absence from this blog, I’ve learned one of the biggest lessons ever. “Everybody has an opportunity to be successful; however success is only promised to those who are willing to sacrifice and work their ass off.” ( Write this shit down )… I used to look at celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna and just reflect on the fact that they are living their dreams. But it never dawned on me how much they both have had to sacrifice in order to be successful.

I think the problem with our generation (aka ME) is that we set goals, but we don’t take into consideration how much pain, sweat, and adversity we have to go through in order to finally bask in our ambience. So many people set so many dope, creative goals… but when it comes down to getting to the nitty gritty; that’s when a dream falls through. I mean how can we work, go to school, take care our family, pay our bills, workout, maintain a healthy ph balance and relationship, and then follow our dreams. && I failed to mention keep up with our Instagram and Twitter feeds… Shit is skressfullllll. It almost seems impossible. To be honest it may be impossible… But it’s time to redefine the odds we are given and still achieve our goals.

I’ve been working at this job for the past month & I can wholeheartedly say I hate it. Growing up in the church and attending Christian school, I know that we are supposed to shy away from saying “hate”…. HOWEVER THIS IS HOW I FEEL. I HATE IT. I HONESTLY AND TRULY HATE IT. There’s nothing about my job that I find nice, or fun, or even spectacular. I mean the checks are cute, but by the time the government gets their cut.. it leaves me with a few nickels and a couple of dimes.

I literally cry before I clock into work every night… Can you imagine a grown ass woman sobbing in her Honda just at the thought that she has to be at work? Melodramatic or nahhh? …. and to make matters worse , the shifts are 12 hours on your feet doing tedious shit.. & that’s what truly grinds my gears and shakes my internal table.

It’s like every night I try to come up with alternative ways to get money and I can’t lie and act like dancing has not ran past my mind everyday 2 or 3 times a day. I mean how easy would be it be to strip…. but then I have to remind myself that I have bad knees, a terrible right ankle & cannot walk in heels for more than 2 hours… so my options are slim.

I’m telling you my privileged ass sob story as a way to illustrate how important it is to put your eye on the prize and follow your dreams no matter how hard it is. I hate premeditatively spilling the beans; but I will be leaving our beloved state of South Carolina very soon. I’m not getting a lot of support from mommy and daddy solely because I’m grown and they’ve done their part. & I am more than thankful for all they have done for me…  But it’s time for me to boss up…

I just know deep down in my heart, in order for me to move & be successful I have to get the money myself. I hate my job, but I know in the long run it is going to truly pay off.

So friends, whatever you are going through… Don’t give up. Sometimes you have to go through HELL in order to get to where you wanna go. I know it’s easier said than done; and I’m struggling right now with finding the strength to finish this month of work out before I leave. But we can do it.

Don’t settle for a mediocre life; because that life will always be easy peazy . Challenge yourself and work hard… I promise you it’ll work out!

Jesus be a Dr. Scholls Foot Pad as a I go back into work tomorrow night!


❤ Faith

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