Can We Put This Election in Some Rice?


Good Morning Ya’ll,

Last night I couldn’t sleep and was literally up all night thinking about today.. I hate waiting in lines, I hate being outside with the elements and locals… but I’m just gonna have to chalk up my excuses and do what I have to do.

Today is election day, and quite frankly I’m shook. I’m not even gonna sit here and focus on who’s actually running for president, because that’s already a shit show. My focus right now is to tell ya’ll to get up and vote. I keep reading and hearing how folks are saying their votes don’t count and etc…  So let me clarify.

For a candidate to actually win this presidency, She or He has to win enough state elections to get the majority electoral college vote. So in essence, Hillary or Don are actually focusing on winning states and not the majority. The Electoral College was enacted as a way to give all states a “fair” chance and force candidates to campaign all over the country, and not just the big cities. So yes, your vote does count, but our members of the electoral college are “supposed” to align their votes with what the state’s popularity vote is.


Our country is in trouble because one of the candidates has given a group of people the platform to spew our their hate; and it’s our job to not let Hate win. Ever since this election has started the hate and racism I have encountered daily is despicable, and its my responsibility to do something about it. I can’t even act like I’m in the mood to get dressed and go vote, but I know specifically my grandma marched for Blacks like me to have this moment. So it’s time to make our ancestors proud.

I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for, but all I can say is… neither candidate is perfect. I mean I really don’t even need to go over the issues each candidate has. However, this is one of those situations where we are gonna have to suck up the tears and accept that our Beloved Obama Family is leaving the White House soon.. and now we have to elect someone else to the office.


We will never get a family as beautiful and gracious as the Obamas, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. All we can do at this point is to listen to the advice of President Obama and vote.


Sorry if I wasn’t able to bring laughter to your morning, but this is just too serious of a matter for me to sit out on. If you’ve already voted, then thank you. But if you are like me, then get up, put that coat on… and go vote. It’s worth the long line.

Besides, ya’ll can wait in line to get in the club before 11, so I truly don’t see an issue with waiting in line to elect the new leader of the “free” world.


A Black Girl with Election Anxiety


instagram: sunsetnoir_

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