Dream or Die Volume 1

Happy Sunday Saints and Aints… Today I’m going to be as non-draining as possible and bring some positivity into the world… I took like 6 philosophy classes in college, so that pretty much gives me the okay to give out professional advice and etc…

If you know anything about me, you know that I hate corny/ cliché shit. I get tired of asking folks for advice, and their only response to me is to follow my dreams and never give up. Now granted… those are two important things that I should do, but it gets so old when people give you the most basic quotes to live by.

Growing up I was told that I was going to either be a doctor or lawyer. The thing is, biology was never my ministry, so the medical dream was canceled. And political science is dope, but I don’t know if I have the patience to do it forever. When I tell others my personal dreams, they literally laugh at me. “Faith you can’t survive off of blogging. You have to go get a real job” and don’t get me wrong.. I understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and success doesn’t happen over night, but damn don’t shoot my dream down.

Since I can remember, I’ve always been about a dollar. At the age of 7, my neighbor and I would go find rocks, paint them, and then go sit on corner and sell them. (Don’t judge us). Or when my rock money was low, I would go pick leaves off trees and poke holes in them and sell, Spy Leaves, to my neighbors as a way to catch their cheating spouses in the act. (OBVIOUSLY I’VE NEVER HAD A CHILL!)

The reason I’m sharing my past entrepreneurial experiences is to stress how important it is to stay true to your selves. I expressed to my parents that I did not want to work for anybody, they told me to go make a business plan. Now my business ventures may not have been the most viable plans, but I was passionate about them. I literally was eating, breathing, and living through my rock and leaf designs; and that’s why my businesses were so “successful”.

I personally believe that in order to be successful in your dream career is to CUT OUT the comparisons. At this point, nobody matters but you. Be selfish!!! Stop looking at what the next girl or guy is doing, because those 45 minutes you spent snooping on her Instagram could’ve been 45 minutes of personal work.

Also, STOP TELLING EVERYBODY YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. Unless you are talking to best friends or family, limit the amount of people you tell your dreams too. Believe it or not, people ain’t shit and they will go out their way to mess your dreams up, just for the shits and giggles. Until you have a concrete plan, stay quiet. Like the great Weezy F Baby says, “Real G’s Move in Silence Like Lasagna”…. So until you have a product to push, keep it cute & on MUTE.


Faith ❤

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twitter: thesunsetnoir


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