The Racial Climate is Extremely Uncomfortable: So let’s change it.


**To my subscribers, you are all probably confused as to why I deleted my other post… and I decided I want to publish it closer to the election… My fault.**

Now I told my Grandma I was not going to cuss on my blogs anymore.. However, this is way different.

I want to first and foremost say I am a firm believer in speaking and living in your truth. However make sure that when you are living in your truth, it does not negatively affect those around you.

Racism, sexism, and homophobia have been around since the beginning of time, and I know that there is nothing I can do to stop it. Hate is a thing that is taught and practiced from generation to generation. It isn’t something that just happens over night. So with that being said, in order to combat hate, we will have to teach love and acceptance.

First off, let’s accept the fact that our country has made some extremely messed up decisions when it comes to certain groups of people. You can look at the murder and displacement of Native Americans as an example. Hell you can even look at how hard women had to fight in order to get a chance to vote. And if you really want to see pettiness, look at how people were kidnapped from Africa and brought to this country to become slaves. Or no let’s look at how our country views and treats immigrants, or we could just settle with the way the LGBT community has been treated over the years.

I’m tired of people making excuses for the heinous shit that goes on daily when it comes to discrimination. I personally believe the election has caused a lot of people to be bold, and to live in their hate publicly. Before social media was in existence, nobody had proof of how much hate has been spewed throughout the world. Hell, I’ll even be the first to admit that before social media, I did not know how bad racism had gotten.

Growing up in the South, I experienced my own racism; but I was so conditioned to being the token Black girl that I learned to label it as something else. I was so conditioned to racism, that instead of approaching it head on, I simply ignored it in order to keep from looking like an angry Black woman in the making.

But to be honest, I’m tired of it…

I’m sick of people not wanting to accept the fact that hate still exist in this world today. I’ve had so many friends to blame certain racially motivated situations as an innocent, isolated incident. I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of walking into certain stores and being followed because I look like I may be stealing. I’m tired of servers not giving me grade A service due to the fact they assume all Black people do not tip. I’m tired of people asking me for permission to say “nigga”. I’m tired of everybody assuming that because I went to college, it had to be a HBCU. I’m tired of people saying that HBCU colleges were made to leave out White people (yes people say this). I’m tired of holding my breath whenever I get pulled over my a cop. I’m tired of having to worry about my daddy and guy friends every time they decide to hop behind the wheels of their cars and travel. I’m tired of people asking me to touch my hair. I’m tired!

I want to close this blog off with a quick story about what happened to me a few weeks ago… I was driving through my neighborhood at 10 o clock at night trying to get home so that I would not miss my Monday night tv schedule. I noticed a car was following me slowly, however I kept it moving because I did not know if they lived near me. It got to the point where the car was literally tailgating me, and I got scared. After a few feet the car stopped, and I sped to my house. Once I approached my house, I hopped out the car and started jetting to the front door when I realized blue lights were on. Those long 5 minutes I was getting followed, it was actually by an unmarked cop car. The cop parked his car into my driveway and asked me if I lived at my house. I explained to him this is my house, and asked him why he was following me. He simply responded by saying  I did not look like I belonged in my neighborhood, so he decided to take the liberty to follow me and see where I was going. He said there were plenty of break ins recently and I looked like I matched the profile of someone who would commit that crime.

I literally stood there in disbelief, this random cop was parked on MY property, and was telling me I did not look like I belonged in my neighborhood on 9 years. It hurt, and when I addressed him on his bias, he started walking towards me…He kept trying to reassure me that he was not a racist, and understood how sketchy it was for him to follow me, but he felt he had to make sure I was not a troublemaker. That incident really changed my perspective on the world we live in, and it taught me that prejudice and hate are entities that are conditioned to people, and sometimes they do not even know when they are acting on it.

All I want is to live in a world, where everybody accepts and loves their neighbors. I want to live in a world where women should not have to think twice about whether their husband or son may make it back home. I want to live in a world where people are not discriminated against because of who they decide to date or marry. I want to live in a world where all religions and spiritual sects are welcomed and celebrated….



P.S: I added a picture of this Jesus statue I took while I was at a United Methodist Church In Dallas… 🙂 I thought it was kinda cute.

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