What It Really Feels Like to Sit at the Table: An Ode to Solange Piaget Knowles


What’s up with those Knowles girls? Like, seriously…. WHY ARE THEY THE WAY THEY ARE? How can you flawlessly integrate social activism in a song, while at the same time giving listeners the chance to still twerk to their music in the club……..?

I’m trying to not stan as I type this, but seriously HOWWWWWW? Do you not understand how crazy it had to be to make an album solely about the beauty and struggles of the Black community in an industry led by White people?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read a million blogs or posts about certain songs on the album, and I actually do not want to focus all my energies on that. I want to focus on how important it is to stand in your truth while no matter where you are. Because when it comes to being Black in the South, you’re going to always have to be on your p’s and q’s, and not back down when someone tries your Blackness.

But back to this flawlessly written album..

How dope and bad ass is it to release this pro black and pro woman ass album in a world full of racism and misogyny. Solange and Beyonce knew there would be a chance that they could possibly lose money or fans; but they did not care. They stood in their Blackness and Womanhood… and we could learn a lot from that. Granted these girls are rich as hell, and pretty much work for themselves… That’s not the point though… The point is we should celebrate ourselves every day and enjoy our heritage..

I’ve had a lot of people to ask what exactly is the table…? And I personally believe the table is an objective view of Black Womanhood. For years and years, Blacks have had to conform to the post-colonial society and fake it until we make it. We’ve had to hide our Blackness in order to feel somewhat included, get hired for a job, and be viewed as attractive. We’ve literally had to shit on our own culture in order to continue to get discriminated against in the world… and the shit is crazy to me.

So when you ask me what it means to sit at the table, I think of the table as a safe haven for those who are tired of conforming to societal norms, and just want to surround themselves with people who are ready to stop dimming their lights in order to make certain groups comfortable.

I would not be me if I weren’t going to share a short story about my life as a way to end this post… When I first listened to “Don’t Touch My Hair”, I almost fell off my couch laughing. Do ya’ll know how irritating it is for us girls of color to work meticulously to get these twist outs perfected, to get these bantu knots tightened, to sit through the burning of the creamy crack on our scalps, to get hit in the head with the brush by our mothers for moving too much while getting our braids done all for random ass people to tug on our hair to see how it feels? 

Black folks have been discriminated against so much because of their hair that now we’ve become sensitive of it. So the fact that she was able to make a song and help people understand that when they take it upon themselves to touch our hair without our permission, it’s sort of like fucking our feelings up…. And it’s a problem!

I’ve literally dated guys who told me up front that my afro made me look basic, or that they preferred me with my bundles of hair. Do you know how it feels to spend hours applying coconut oil and water to your hair just to realize that the guy you are digging thinks you look basic? It’s not the best feeling. Or when you are in class with your box braids and your professor takes it upon him/her self to tug on your grab your braids act like they are whipping you with it… It’s not a good feeling, and Solange was able to address it in her music in the sweetest and softest way..

So Solange, girl if you are reading this… (Which I doubt you are)… Thank you. Merci Beaucoup. Gracias…. What you did was shine a light on the issues, joys, insecurities, thoughts, and more of the Black community…

You used your platform as a way to speak for those who don’t have the opportunity to, and I’ll forever love you for that sis!!!!

Love ya’ll,

Faith ❤



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