Marc Jacobs, YOU TRIED IT

Well here is my first “official” blog post… I contemplated on whether I wanted my first post to be a mixture between petty and messy, or something prolific. And after all the bull shit this week, I opted to go with something more prolific. First of all, before I even address this ignorance, I want to send prayers and support to those affected by police brutality. Cops were hired to serve and protect everyone; yet it seems like a good bit of them end up serving and protecting a doctrine full of hate. **I will do a separate blog post to discuss this issue**

But to get back on subject, let me first give you a brief rundown on how Marc Jacobs truly tried it. He did a fashion show a few days ago and had his models (which were predominately white)  wear colorful dreads. After the show, Jacobs received a ton of backlash about his use of appropriation and lack of diversity in his show. His initial response was pretty much that Black women are always crying about cultural appropriation, yet we straighten our hair……………He also went on to say that he does not see color and that we (Black people) should pretty much just get over it.

I’ll be the first to say how much cultural appropriation annoys me, but I don’t consider myself the appropriation police. Initially when I saw the models on twitter, the first thing that came to my head was where are the Black girls at; then I laughed and continued to scroll down my timeline. I honest to God believe that if Marc had of just said nothing; everybody would have just forgotten about the issue… but Him being Him, he had to press the issue more.

Let me try to cut through his BS…

How could you try to connect cultural appropriation (which is when a certain culture decides to assimilate another culture) to Black women having to damage our hair in order to be taken seriously in our “hate-free” society? Marc, do you know that it is legal for jobs to choose not to hire somebody simply because they wear dreadlocks? Do you understand that some people wear dreadlocks because it is apart of their religion? Do you understand that if jobs truly allowed people of color to wear their hair the way it was designed to be styled, that we most likely wouldn’t even put heat in our hair? Do you understand that the way the media and society are set up, people of color are taught to not even like our kinky hair? Hell I saw a clip on the news that said the standard of beauty is to look like Kate Middleton. Now don’t get me wrong, Kate is a cute girl… however, I’m black and I don’t have straight hair, and my eyes are most definitely not blue… and I’m still beautiful.

I’m not trying to go on a rant right now, but it’s so irritating to turn on the news and hear someone with such a big platform shit on people of color. I don’t understand how an ARTIST does not  see color…. Isn’t that like the foundation to everything you do??  Without the gift of seeing color you would not be where you are today. And to go further, by you not seeing color.. does that mean that the issues that people of color go through are null and void to you? *sips tea*… I’ll wait.

I’m going to be extremely honest with this post and say I used to HATE seeing Black women with natural styles. I used to call them the “shea butter girls”, the “coconut oil sisters” or whatever. And now that I’m sharing this with the world… I’m almost sick to my stomach at how ignorant I used to be. I’m not the one to place blame on anyone when it comes to my bull shit; but let’s be real… growing up in the South in a predominately White school having an afro…. WAS STRESSFUL. I was so used to people saying my hair felt and looked like dirty cotton, or asking me why I didn’t comb my hair before I got to school (EVEN WHEN I DID), or flat-out telling me I would look better with straight hair….

It’s a crazy world we live in, but the bullying and insults formed me into a person full of self hate. I spent all my hard-earned money on bundles trying to keep up with the Jones, when really I was running away from the fact that I had beautiful kinky hair and hated it.

Yes, I got a little bit off subject, but I just have to make you understand that when people with big platforms make bold statements like that, it affects everyone. When people make statements saying they don’t see color, it affects EVERYONE. When people make millions of dollars off cute white girls with dreads; but fail to even acknowledge where the dreads came from, it’s a PROBLEM.

So to Marc Jacobs…. shut up. Get some diversity training. Get a new team or honestly just go have a permanent seat. It’s disgusting to see someone with so much “talent” and a big platform to be so ignorant.


Friends… how did ya’ll feel about his comments? Do ya’ll think that the people of color are overreacting by his use of dreads on White models? Do ya’ll think it should be allowed for other cultures to make a profit off of someone else’s cultural traditions? Leave some comments or hit me up so we can discuss this.

Bye yall,

Faith ❤


P.S: I’m riding to New Orleans tomorrow to see THE Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, so YASSS stay tuned for that write up.


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